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If you have been following this blog for sometime now, you might notice the occasional text post about being an antipinoy.

I think, i need to define it again: ANTI-PINOY is an intellectualist, seeking to reform the nation’s work values, government and paawa/palamunin values.

Anyways, yesterday, I went to watch the MMFF floats at the Roxas Blvd. It’s a forced decision. But since my family seems to relatively excited to go and I don’t wanna be alone at home, I decided I should just come with.

We parked at the other side of Roxas Blvd, and crossed using the bridge. There were a lot of people around, including some foreigners looking to cool off and snap photos of the slightly picture-esque background.

The first float began to arrive, people began CLAWING there way for the treats the floats were giving off (palamunin value, CHECK). And while all the commotion was going on and someone decided to step on my toes (screw fliip-flops -.-). My cousin began to scream

"OOOi! Kuya, anong ginagawa mo?"

There was a man, a little small, dark colored and wearing a dark shirt. He took advantage of the confusing crowd and decided to paw his way into my brother’s many pockets. When he heard my cousin scream, he threw up his hands as if to say that he didn’t get anything, and proceeded to run down the road, disappearing into the crowd

My brother was a little confused, a bit struck by what happened. He stood there with his mouth open. Trying to take in the situation.We were all worried and decided to check each other’s pockets.

i saw one of the Caucasians do the same. I am kind of saddened that they have to experience this in another country. *sigh. IT IS MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES!

~I have a next post coming up. Wait for it.

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