A name that starts with the letter R..or K.

San mo ba nakukuha yang mga ideya mo? (where do you get your ideas?)

You are probably wondering where in the world I get all my wacko ideas. :) Well, aside from trying to find conspiracy books. I also happen to squeeze out the internet well. I am not a psycho. I am probably hipster - in the truer definition of the word.

I try to get as much info as possible, then I wiki it. Or find other sources. It would take common sense to examine it and some objective thinking, I don’t believe everything, but I do know some of the sites here have truth. I give you, my links.

TheVigilantCitizen - he has everything! he’s not just a blogger, you can see in his blog how true the definitions are in there. You do need to click the “educate yourself” tab first before going in deeper. My personal favorite article of his is dumbing down society. IT’s a three part article. Check it! :) He has articles on pseudo-occult media and links to different files regarding politics and DIRTY, DIRTY HOLLYWOOD. And yes, you will enjoy his site.

Educate-Yourself.org - the site was repeatedly taken down. But he has good ideas, you need some patience in reading this site, since, its quite plain, but the information…NAGUUMAPAW!. It was once linked in VC, but I forgot where the link was in Vigilant Citizen.

mediaexposed- homeboy! the guy is in tumblr! A tumblrista. He is a simplified version of the first two sites. Easier to understand. He doesn’t update regularly, but he does post a lot of good youtube stuff. He deals mostly with the elite and the corrupt government and the coming of the end of times.

AtlanteanConspiracy- I just discovered it this morning, i found various topics not discussed in the other sites. I think it has potential. We shall see…and read.

Okay, for some filipino sites:

Antipinoy - the guy is a filipino blogger with various contributors. My vision was inspired by him….pero…mas kaunti nga lang ang galit ko sa mundo kapag nagsusulat ako. He might offend you a bit! So be prepared for him. His insights are very enlightening, hindi lang talaga uso sa kanya ang fluffy words. He is a very fresh blogger, hindi katulad ng mainstream filipino news people. And he MAKES A LOT OF SENSE.

PinoyMonkeyPride -(youtube) the guy…ang nagrewrite ng Philippine History na natutunan ko nung 1st year HS ako. :)) Di ito boring! And he does make you think….is the news trustful? maganda ang videos niya. He aims to fight filipino ignorance. (just like what im doing right now!)

GetRealPhilippines! - same vibe as AntiPinoy. Also, worth your time. Ignorance din ang kalaban niya.


O ayan ah, shinare ko na ang pinagkukuhanan ko ng knowledge. Ikaw na ang bahalang maghusga kung worth your time ba na basahin ito. (But I assure you, its worth it!)
What do you think?

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